Build Your Business Advantage With KuantSol

End to End Risk Modeling For Banks, Financial Services, And Insurance, With Seamless Regulatory Compliance.

Build High Quality Models Without Coding, Dependence On Third Parties, IT, Or Data Scientists.

Agile Platform Powers >50X Gain In Cycle Time, Operational Efficiencies, And Compliance.

Better Risk, Better Credit, Better Loans, Better Capital Strategy, Better Business Performance

Near Perfect E2E Risk Modeling And Regulatory Compliance with KuantSol Intelligent Enterprise SaaS.

KuantSol provides industry-first predictive enterprise risk modeling as a service. Reduce time, effort, and cost of creating, assessing, and validating advanced risk models by orders of magnitude. Shrink months of E2E Modeling and Compliance work to Days or hours while improving quality, accuracy, institutional memory, and collaboration.

Turn time and resource-intensive requirements into easy steps for driving competitive advantage

Credit Loss Forecasting for CCAR and CECL with intelligent automated Time Series Models for the precise forecast of:

  • Portfolio or segment level loss rates and balances
    • Loss Given Defaults (LGD) Rates
    • Probability of Default (PD) Rates
    • Delinquency rates, non-contractual pay-off rates, and more
  • PPNR
    • Fee Income
    • Deposit Balance
    • Deposit Rates
    • Loan Yield Forecasting for BAU(Business as Usual) and CCAR purposes.  
  • Index Forecasting 
    • Real Estate Price Index (PI)
    • Net Operating Income Index (NOI)
    • Financial ratio
    • Cashflow
    • Origination volume forecasting and more

KUANTSOL IS YOUR One Stop Shop for all Time Series and Machine learning Modeling

KuantSol industry-standard practices, comprehensive review, analysis, and validation is the first and best of breed. It bridges the gap between complex predictive model development, functional expertise, intuition, and business oversight.


KuantSol guides users to make optimal decisions at each step of the process and enables flexible testing to help understand model behavior in what-if customizable environments. Intimate understanding of model behavior and output by functional experts helps optimize usage and protects against sub-optimal outcomes and non-intuitive model designs.


STSA and MLWay platforms follow industry-standard Time Series and Machine Learning Model Development Processes. Standardization helps with second-line reviews and governance while improving quality and end product. Seamlessly meet federal regulatory and reporting requirements.


The model development process is complex, complicated, and slow. It requires hard to find and keep talent, is error-prone, and takes a significant amount of time and resources to execute. This complexity is a burden but with KuantSol you can turn it into a competitive advantage. Develop your models dynamically and efficiently to consistently stay ahead of the ever-changing data and macro environment.

  • Connect latest business methodology and thinking with business intuition
  • Improve model development and validation time and OpEx by orders of magnitude
  • Minimize or eliminate dependence on third parties
  • Improve compliance with model risk governance and regulatory expectations
  • Facilitate better and faster exploration and testing of choices and decisions made at all phases of model development for the robust end product and optimal performance that delivers to business objectives
  • KuantSol is designed with an intuitive UI for functional and non-technical users, as well as, data scientists and technical resources
  • Improve transparency, model explain-ability, and standardization of full development process
  • A repeatable process that is not error-prone
  • Generate model documentation
  • Provides capability and functionality to fully incorporate business input for creation, variable selection, model selection


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