KuantSol Completes a Highly Successful Fundraise

Quantitative advisory and solutions firm helps banking and fintech companies learn from data in an agile and effective way

PALO ALTO, Calif., September 09, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quantitative advisory and solutions firm KuantSol is excited to announce the completion of successful ‘friends and family’ funding round.

KuantSol will use this investment to continue executing its vision and mission to provide seamless, easy-to-use predictive modeling platforms.

The success of KuantSol’s inaugural funding round allows the company to continue proving its high-value proposition for banking and fintech. The first round focused primarily on targeting the banking industry, and the company plans to expand to insurance companies in the second phase and eventually all other verticals in need of predictive modeling.

“The speed and investor quality that includes likes of Kyto Technologies validates KuantSol’s resonating message and value proposition,” said KuantSol Co-founder Alex Shahidi.

KuantSol’s solutions and expertise simplify the process of predictive modeling through seamless integration of industry-standard predictive modeling techniques and practices with improved business oversight.

KuantSol is already in talks with several financial institutions and is a member of Silicon Valley Bank’s Early Stage Startup group, and Kyto Technologies. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, and New York, NY.

Although KuantSol currently provides services primarily in North America, the company plans to continue its momentum by expanding its business opportunities worldwide in the near future.

About KuantSol

KuantSol provides the first Modeling products built with AI to solve compliance challenges, create significant operational efficiencies, improve quality and governance, and drive strategic competitive advantage.

KuantSol has two flagship model development products in the domain of Time Series and Machine Learning Model Development with more in the pipeline. Our products standardize, simplify and shorten the model development cycle while keeping governance compliance, model interpretability, model quality, and business engagement the focus. Our product simulates the whole development process from start to finish in a seamless way and provides flexibility and functionality to take business input where necessary, to evaluate model performance and behavior for a better understanding of the product. Exploration and testing are key to a good predictive model. Through these products, KuantSol provides help to solve many challenges in TS/ML model development.

For more information about KuantSol, please visit https://www.kuantsol.io/.

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