KuantSol Completes Advisory Board of Experts

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Quantitative Predictive SaaS firm KuantSol is excited to announce strategic advisory board. The board is made up of banking, fintech, data science, and venture equity leaders and experts who bring a wealth of experience and leadership to the company that will further help propel KauntSol’s growth.

KuantSol has chosen the following leaders for its advisory board:

  • Dr. Paul Russo, CEO of Kyto Technologies and a Silicon Valley startup and tech expert.
  • Dr. Lorenzo Bracciale, associate professor and Data Science expert at University of Rome Tor Vergata.
  • Gökhan Mendi, a banking and fintech expert and head of consumer and private banking at PNB Paribas.
  • Michael W. Brubaker, Managing Partner at Principled Strategies, a capital and investment firm with government affairs expertise. Brubaker is also a former two-term Senator from the state of Pennsylvania.

The distinguished team complements and adds tremendous value to all aspects of KuantSol’s mission, roadmap, and growth. The new advisory board will provide guidance to KauntSol and help strengthen its relationships with customers to drive sustained growth and global expansion.

About KuantSol

KuantSol provides the first Modelling products built with AI to solve compliance challenges, create significant operational efficiencies, improve quality and governance, and drive strategic competitive advantage.

KuantSol has two flagship model development products in the domain of Time Series and Machine Learning Model Development with more in the pipeline. Our products standardize, simplify and shorten the model development cycle while keeping governance compliance, model interpretability, model quality, and business engagement the focus. Our product simulates the whole development process from start to finish in a seamless way and provides flexibility and functionality to take business input where necessary to evaluate model performance and behavior for a better understanding of the product. Exploration and testing are key to a good predictive model. Through these products, KuantSol provides help to solve many challenges in TS/ML model development.

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