About KuantSol

KuantSol levels the pricey and challenging E2E modeling field with a disruptive enterprise SaaS that democratize a critical requirement of financial and capital industry with an affordable subscription.

KuantSol empowers extraction of targeted outcomes from large data sets via a highly configurable and interactive decision support. It delivers agile and efficient E2E risk modeling for use by functional and non-technical, as well as, data scientists and technical resources.

KuantSol seamlessly integrates industry standards, advanced predictive techniques, ML, best practices, and deep business insight to deliver optimal models that focus on business strategy and advantage, and meet federal regulations.


Aytekin Oldac

Chairman of the Board

Aytekin has delivered ERP development in North America and around the globe. He is a driven, multi-lingual team builder with an extensive background in Information Technology and business consulting.

Aytekin’s accomplishments include being the Founder/CEO of Pyramos, the Founder and CEO of OneWell, and the President/CEO of PA Health Management which helps to improve the quality of life for seniors, disabled individuals, people with intellectual disabilities, and those suffering from addiction.

He held several positions at IBM over a 17-year period: Program Manager for Risk and Compliance, FDA Life Sciences Program Manager, Global Service Delivery Leader, and Senior Application Architect. Aytekin held a Senior Management Consultant position at PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), was an Information Technology Consultant at Sirius Computer Solutions, and an Information Technology Consultant at Eastern Systems.

Aytekin obtained his MBA in Economics, Business Management, Marketing, Global Management, and Accounting from the University of Maryland. He has an Executive Certificate in the EMBA HK-Beijing Programme from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Penn State University.

Aytekin’s ambitions are centered around ways to continuously improve the quality of life for his community through innovation and technology. He is passionate about education, sustainable energy, giving back to the community, and, of course, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Alex Shahidi

Chief Executive Officer

Alex has been engaged, led, or created enterprise-class projects in NA, EMEA, and LATAM. His accomplishments include a Board of Directors position at Societik, Co-Founder/ CEO of EntirID a Cybersecurity startup, Managing Director of Strategic Cloud Services, Emerging Technology Innovations at Accenture, Cloud Strategy Advisor at Huawei Technologies, Chief Solutions Architect at IBM, Founder/CEO of Primedius, and Director of IT & Security of Fairchild Semiconductor.

His current venture KuantSol enables expert-level E2E model development, and validation. It democratizes a high value activity that has until now been the domain and advantage of the largest financial institutions. It delivers orders of magnitude in operational gains, as well as compliance with strict federal banking and finance regulations; with an affordable subscription.

Alex holds an MBA, and MSE in Bio and Mechanical engineering from New York University – Polytechnic School of Engineering. He has executive training in M&A Operations from Caltech, Strategic Uses of Information Systems, Managing Teams for Innovation and Customer Success from Stanford University and IBM Palisades.

Alex is the author and holder of patents in Genomic data Protection, Privacy Protecting Reverse Proxy VPN, High-Performance Materials for Aerospace Applications, and High Assurance Identity and Access Management System.

His most recent publication on hyper-secure ACL/IDM systems was published by Basel, Switzerland based MDPI (mdpi.com)

Ben Robertson

Head of Business Development

As a tech-focused professional with years of experience in client success, partner relations, and sales engagement for both startups and enterprise-level firms, Ben has a solid grasp on the promise of technology in charting the future course of banking, financial services, and insurance. As head of business development at KuantSol, Ben will engage and support clients throughout the enterprise subscription acquisition process and successful adoption of the KuantSol platform to drive significant operational efficiencies, regulatory compliance, and tangible competitive business advantage.

Our extended team includes Ph.D. data scientists and statistics experts, banking, financial compliance, regulatory management, risk modeling, high-frequency trading, hedge fund, and equity derivatives strategy.


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